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if looks can KILL

you would be DEAD!

Beauty Kills
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
rules stolen forn _untouchables_, if you think your even hotter, than join that as well!♥!

the rules:

♥1. you must post pictures to be approved.
♥2. post all your pictures under a lj-cut
♥3. only the mod's can give you the official stamp of approval
♥4. you must recieve 4 yes' and no more than 4 nos' from accepted members and/or the Mods..
♥5. do not comment/ vote unless you have been accepted.
♥6. once stamped, you may vote, post and comment whenever you please.
♥7. if you are not accepted, you can try to redeem yourself.
♥8. this community will have its share of mean comments. don't complain about them, it's only livejournal.
♥9. this community is for people who know they're hot. if you don't believe you're hot, don't bother.

when you post, you must:

♥1. include your name, age and location.
♥2. include your favorite 6 bands.
♥3. include your 2 favorite movies.
♥4. your best and worst qualities.
♥5. your best body party, and why you think it's a good one.
♥6. must post at least 5 good pictures.
♥7. must invite 2 ppl to join and say who you invited, or else you will be deleted!
♥8. and most importantly, why you think you're BEAUTY KILLS!!!

the mods:
title or description

title or description