bunny-co (call_thesurgeon) wrote in beauty_kills,

♥1. include your name, age and location. Roz, 15, New York
♥2. include your favorite 6 bands. Le Tigre, Bright Eyes, The Blood Brothers, The Rapture, The Mars Volta, Ladytron
♥3. include your 2 favorite movies. Amelie, Chocolat
♥4. your best and worst qualities. Best- My ghetto booty
Worst-My tiny chest.
♥5. your best body party, and why you think it's a good one. My butt, because its nice and round and everyone seems to like it.
♥6. must post at least 5 good pictures. See below.
♥7. must invite 2 ppl to join and say who you invited, or else you will be deleted! sister_savior and imhvingahssyfit
♥8. and most importantly, why you think you're BEAUTY KILLS!!!Because I just am, no argument, just am.

title or description

title or description

title or description cheap chest shot, sorry guys.
title or description

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