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well yeah...

♥1. Jessica....14....Norwalk, CA
♥2. A Static Lullaby, Thursday, Story of the Year, Dashboard, Brand New, &&&& From Autumn to Ashes
♥3. Girl Interrupted, and Finding Nemo
♥4. My best is my eyes and smile.... my worst is how my face is so chubby!
♥5. My best body part is my legs... they are tan and long and shiny!! hehe <3
♥6. down low baayyybbbbeee
♥7. 911____flatline _tragic_endings
♥8. my beauty kills because... i am VERY original... i havent seen many haired.. green eyed... light skinned girls walking around... i dont think i am the hottest thing... but i think that i am bonable!! <3 <3

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